Here at MurrayFFilms, I respect your valuable time and so I work to be efficient. I primarily produce educational and entertainment content online for creatives of any kind. In addition, I create tools to give these awesome fellow artists a leg up on the rest of the market so they have some killer work!


Tools for filmmakers and editors to speed up workflow, make things more interesting or to just save time! Products range from FREE to advanced premium products with great power!

But That's Not All

In addition to bringing your dreams to life, this platform provides a place for people to connect- film producers, directors, cinematographers, and entrepreneurs. Blog posts will range from a discussion about a new piece of equipment that changes the way we look at film to the small details in the mistakes I make and solutions to fix these problems. Conversations can take place on the blog or my Facebook page. Together, we can learn about the field of story-telling through images, cinematography and so much more.


Filmmaking, Editing, Directing, Writing etc.

Take a look at what I have to offer or choose what service you may be needing.


I mainly create content online for fellow creatives, but also provide service for clients from around the world!




Filmmaker, Editor, Director, Writer etc.

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