Callout Title

This callout title is designed to save you time, make the workflow easy and more fun! 100% FREE to download and have your final result in as little as 2 minutes! All drag and drop, customize anything and have fun while doing it!

FREE Call-out Title For Efter Effects


The powerful thing about this tool is that it looks amazing, and is very easy to use! You can choose to have the whole title track to a subject but even more, you can track the circle (or indicator) to the subject while the rest of the title stays still for the viewer to read! 

A Little About Me
Murray Frost

I was born and raised in Zimbabwe (Africa) and in 2013, my family and I moved to America. My film started about two years before moving (2011) and when I arrived in the U.S, I became more serious about it. I started teaching myself and learning on the job with internships, volunteer work and going out to help with feature films. I began to understand the film industry and I realized what I was getting myself into. It's a tough job with a lot of competition, so putting in the work, practice and gaining the knowledge was going to separate me from the rest. My passion for film pushes me to create excellent content that is both inspiring and entertaining.​

I now do a lot of editing, VFX, and creating tools for filmmakers/editors to speed up their workflow and help them avoid having to pull out their hair when it comes to the hard and complex work of advanced editing/VFX