Why The DJI Ronin M?

Filming a shot that is longer than a minute can prove to be complicated depending on what's happening. Doing any kind of movement, like dolly in or out, follow shot, tracking shot, the camera operation can become a challenge. In addition, it proves even more difficult when you have to tear down and set up somewhere else for the next shot! As a film maker would know, this process takes a huge amount of dedication, without mentioning the other processes of making a movie.

This is the part where I tell you the solution to this problem, especially in a run and gun situation. The DJI Ronin M is designed for filmmakers who don't have a large budget, but at the same time, removing obstacles that the artist can run into. Sure, $1,399 is not cheap, but look at what you are getting as a return! Taking the art of cinematography to the next level, the predecessor to the Ronin M, the DJI Ronin was designed for larger cameras such as a fully rigged RED epic. When at first the DJI Ronin came out, it was a pretty pricey toy.

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Now that the Ronin M is out, people like you could achieve amazing, eye capturing shots. No kidding! When I first realized the capability of this gimbal system, I was captured. I could not keep my excitement to myself. My mind was racing about what I could do with it, if only I had one.

But your questions might be: "But Murray, I still don't get it. Why will this change the way we film? How does it even work?" First of all, let me enlighten you on how this stabilization system works. The Ronin M uses brushless motors to stabilize your camera without vibration to create a smooth, effortless shot that could be taken virtually anywhere. The simplicity and easy use makes you covet over this piece of design. And then you see the footage! You can even have someone physically position the camera and another operator remotely controlling the direction of where the camera points.

Click Here to see the short film DJI shot entirely on the Ronin M and the behind the scenes! And to add to the fun, DJI allows the Ronin M to be used in three main ways, UNDERSLUNG MODE, BRIEFCASE MODE, and UPRIGHT MODE. Conveniently, the gimbal can be set into various positions to achieve a specific shot with comfort and ease.

DJI's FAQ is a very helpful guide to understanding the finest details of the Ronin M. This system proves easy, compact, efficient, fun and so much more! Achieve shots you thought were only possible in your dreams!

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