Want To Improve Your Film Game?

How many times have you heard someone say, "Man, I wish I was like Andrew Kramer or Alfred Hitchcock." Admit it; we all have compared ourselves to some great filmmaker. Then we start doubting our abilities and achievements.

The truth is, you will never be like Andrew or Alfred, or Christopher Nolan for that matter. You should never try and mimic other filmmakers, but instead, work on improving your skills. Rather look at these great filmmakers as an inspiration for new ideas. Each film should be unique, reflecting your own ideas and techniques.

Don't just copy others or try and be like them. Every film is produced differently and will appeal to different kinds of people. Each story has its different aspects, built on a common foundation, a story being told, and it contains attributes and ideas that are different.

You will fail. It's a part of life. By Getting back up and trying harder after failure results in future success in your career. Perseverance is the key! Every film director makes their mistakes; you see it all the time. But be ready to learn from your mistakes and even mistakes that others make.

Since no one wants to be copied, don't do it. It's all people do these days. Make your films something different. If people watch a film, they should be able, to some degree, say, "Oh, that's obviously Steven Spielberg's work!" For example, when I look at a film and see a lot of lens flares, I think J.J. Abrams. So many people have a "trade mark", something that they are thought of as a result of seeing something specific.

Try new things; produce films that are out of your comfort zone. What I mean is create something that is challenging. You will up your game in the film industry. Pick a challenge to stretch yourself and be forced to think of new ideas and techniques. You learn and remember better from experience. So just make some films. By challenging yourself, you can improve and know what works and what doesn't. And be ready to be corrected. Believe it or not, your actors and crew may give better advice toward some things.

In addition, It's also not about the fancy equipment. So many people say that they want the new RED camera and they will be good at film. This is the wrong mind set! First of all, you are grading your success on resources. Of course, it can improve your success, but it won't make it. Success in film is mainly determined by: if it sells well or receives high views, if the story you want to convey is read correctly, and if it is moving in any way. Use what you have, and rise to the challenge. You can make it into being a top film maker. It just takes a crazy amount of work, dedication, love, creativity, and probably a bit of stubbornness.

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