How to Make Money Online with Fiverr Affiliates

People going into affiliate marketing expecting it to be easy soon find out how difficult it actually is. Now, other people who go into affiliate marketing expecting to put in the hard work and the time that's needed in order to be successful will be rewarded. Keep in mind, it doesn't necessarily mean you have to have a large audience of 100,000 people, 2 million, or even 6 million; you can do this with a small audience as well. With the Fiverr Affiliates program, you can actually make between $15 to $150 per commission. I'm going to show you my earnings-being completely transparent from the first month to the last month and how much I’ve made as a whole with Fiverr affiliates. So, let's jump in!

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Affiliate Marketing

First, you need to understand what affiliate marketing is. Affiliate marketing, most of the time, is just when you refer someone to a specific service or product, and you get a commission for that. With Fiverr affiliates specifically, you are promoting gigs from Fiverr, which is an in-house digital marketing space. Basically, anyone on there is an independent contractor or an independent artist. You request them to do something for you whether it be logo design, visual effects, animation, creating an intro for your brand, making royalty-free music to your channel, or whatever you need. Basically, it's an online platform that can provide a service or product for anyone looking for anything. The reason for someone requesting work from someone on Fiverr is that they cannot do it themselves for whatever reason. This is where Fiverr affiliates come in and this is where you can take advantage of that.

What Fiverr Affiliates is and How to use it

Basically, you take a link from Fiverr affiliates, which I’ll show you how to do as well. You need to obtain a link in order for you you to refer someone to that specific service or product and still get paid for it. Let's say that someone creates Stinger transitions on Fiverr. I've made multiple videos on how to show people how to create that an order from Fiverr and how to use their service. This is a good template on how to do it if that is what you are interested in. See the video below on what I mean.


You basically review that product, you review the process of ordering that from Fiverr, and you also show people what it's like ordering from an independent contractor or artist. Be specific with that niche. Then, what you do is you refer people to that product, that very same order, or that very same artist that you used. Doing this will increase your conversions and you're going to make more money online from that, ultimately. I have quite a few videos on the channel showing examples of what those kinds of videos look like. Now, be sure to review the whole process of actually ordering this on Fiverr, that way people understand the process because sometimes they might not understand the process, or they also might just be concerned about ordering from a specific gig. Now, when you show them the process, they have the opportunity to see a few artists that are really good. They could see that specific artist’s work from providing that service to you, and now they get to use that link down below (or on your blog, on your social media, your video descriptions, whatever it is). You get a commission for that.

Can Anyone do it?

There are no requirements to sign up with Fiverr affiliates, you can send emails to your friends and say, “Hey if you're looking for a service use Fiverr!” You can get anyone to do literally anything. And it's very easy to do that as well. Even if you have a small audience; let's say 500 people on Instagram or let's say you're a streamer on twitch you have that many followers. Have a tab down below underneath your stream like I do on my twitch channel. You can send people to links and get stinger transitions, logo animations, intros and pretty much anything you can think of. Online content is getting really big now, especially with everyone staying at home. And who knows with what the future is going to look like. So, with that said, with a good fundamental understanding of how Fiverr affiliates works, and how easy it actually can be, I'm going to show you how much I make with Fiverr affiliates every month. I'm also going to show you how to set up the linking and also how to optimize your process so that you get the highest conversion possible.

How To Get The Best Return

Now, remember to be very genuine when you review these, because people are going to appreciate that and they're going to smell if there is a rat around and if you're just hyping everything up. It is also important to know that not everything on Fiverr goes as planned. I've had an order where the artist just didn't deliver, which is fine because I showed the process of that in my video and I also showed that Fiverr reviewed that and they completely refunded that. I got the money back and I ordered from someone else. That is also part of the genuineness that people appreciate because now that they're ready for it in case that happens. In that case, people will appreciate the video a lot more and they might leave a like and stick around for more of your content. And because of this, because of being specific, genuine, making sure you review the whole process and just being honest about it all (which I mean there's a lot of great stuff on Fiverr) this is what's going to allow you to have a smaller audience rather than having to need 100,000 people, one million, two million. Being as specific as possible will allow you to have a smaller audience if that's what you have. If you have a bigger audience, of course, that helps.

Now if you want to see how much commission you make per conversion, let's say if someone buys a stinger transition, or let's say someone buys a traveling agent service, or maybe they buy a logo design, you get paid different commissions for each of those. Also, Fiverr Pro, where people pay more and they give more for Fiverr services, you get paid more as well. So, if someone pays with Fiverr Pro, you get $150. To see a list of those I have included a link down below to see the commission rates that you have on Fiverr as an affiliate. That is also a very useful resource and it's also a great way to sign up for Fiverr’s Affiliate Program.

How Much I Make With Fiverr Affiliates

How Much I Make With Fiverr Affiliates

So, if we take a look here on the screenshot below, you can see that last month (just shy of a month), I’ve made $1,040 in commissions. This is just from the past videos (3 of them) where I’ve explained to people the services that are on Fiverr and I get between 100,000 to 170,000 views per month. It’s up this month, so that's obviously why it's a little more than what I may normally see.

Keep in mind, it did start off a little slow for me because I had to generate that library of videos and content in order to push people towards Fiverr and use those links. My first month was $461, which is actually pretty good for being my first month.

My first month of affiliate earnings with Fiverr Affiliates

And the whole reason why it was that much with the first month is that I had a library of videos in the past due to the views per month on YouTube. Now with my most popular videos getting about 100 views an hour, some getting 50 views an hour, some getting 20 views an hour, that's some serious traffic. I put in the top of the description, links to the gig or service from Fiverr which are relevant to the video, and people use that link and I'll make a commission off of that.

I’ve made 38 first time buyers, FTB. Essentially, that is when someone signs up on Fiverr for the first time and gets an order. That's the first-time buyer. That's with 2,977 clicks, and that's actually 2,318 unique clicks but you can see that some people have come back through that same link. Registrations are 698, which means 698 people signed up for a free Fiverr account, but not all of them would actually make a purchase just yet. All of this coming out to a conversion of 5.44% which is about average. That's pretty good. I've had conversion rates to about 7%.

Getting Paid

Now when you actually get paid by Fiverr, payment will come 30 days after the whole pay period is approved. So, let's say you sign up in January, you start affiliate marketing right away. Towards the end of January, you send in a request to get paid for that month. It gets approved and 30 days after that, so at the end of February, you'll get paid for the month of January.

Filters selected to show traffic, commission and more

Now on the dashboard, you can see that there are filters where you can see different parameters. So, if we were to view first time buyers and commission rates and adjust to “year to date” it will show me this year’s data which is only for the last four months in this case. So, if I just select these parameters and filters, you can see that there are commissions almost every day and it does fluctuate. Surprisingly, I’ve had a lot of clicks in the last few days. And that's another interesting part of all this is you get to discover where all this traffic comes from and see how much interest your links are getting.

How to Setup the Links CORRECTLY

Now, I'm going to show you how to link these properly because let's say you go to Fiverr and you find a product or service that you want to recommend but you don't know how to get paid for that referral. When you're in your Fiverr Affiliates dashboard, go to “marketing tools” and then we're going to go to “default and deep links”.

This is where things get juicy. You can see that this is your basic affiliate link to Fiverr's main page. This link will track all your data and give you commissions for orders on Fiverr. There is a Fiverr Learn, Fiverr Co, Fiverr Hybrid, or Fiverr CPA. All of those are discussed and broken down in the FIVERR AFFILIATE PROGRAM page with the commission plan. Just copy your desired Fiverr link and we're going to go “LP URL” on the right side of the "Default and Deep Links" page.

We're going to paste it in there, and press enter. Your unique Fiverr link to that page will appear below and it's affiliated. I usually go with Fiverr Hybrid, I like that one as I get $10 per commission + a percentage of what the sale is. Make sure that you test your links because you don't want to send them to the wrong place. So, once you've got that you can obviously shorten the link with I use that a lot because then you can track your sources and your links and all the clicks. You can also do that with the dashboard on Fiverr affiliates, but I also use just to add a bit more data to all the things that I do. So, it's very simple. Obviously, it would be good to shorten your links because these are really long so use I’m not sure if Fiverr actually has a link shortening system that would be cool. You can shorten those links and I customize what they say so that people know, “Oh, that's what I’m looking for,” It makes things easier and people will be more likely to click on it because they know what it is.

Increase Your Credibility

With Fiverr affiliate links, or with any affiliate link program, you need to be able to provide at least one of two things. First, you have to be able to provide content or entertainment for your viewers or two, you need to provide value. Now, obviously, there is a plus if you can provide both because people are going to be more willing to use your affiliate links to support the channel but also they are more likely to actually listen to what you have to say. So, if you're providing either value or entertainment or both you're going to have a great channel and you can surround yourself with really awesome people. At the same time, you’re going to be pretty appealing to brands and people are going to contact you. Initially, Max the representative at Fiverr who I talk with was the one that first initiated contact with me and the channel (which was actually honestly a little flattering at the time). Our relationship has grown really well. He's is a good guy.

So, if that helps you guys, go ahead Subscribe on YouTube, we're so close to hitting 30,000 and to the email list for updates (top right of the blog page), stick around for the future. I do a lot of content; visual effects editing, filmmaking, building your brand, streaming, how to turn your career into a sustainable job, and much more. There’s also is a lot of free download packs on the SHOP. Use the coupon “free” at checkout for about 95% of the orders on the shop and enjoy the free stuff! If you end up paying for it, I appreciate the support. It does help me continue to do what I do on the channel and to also to provide free content for you. Leave a like on the video, it would really help the channel out, but until next time, remember,

Keep Smiling, Keep Shooting.

Here is everything in this blog post but in the form of a video.

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