Fresno Acura | 2018

It was a pleasure to work with Top Hand Media and Fresno Acura at the Art hop in downtown Fresno during the Road to Pink event, driven to support cancer patients. I produced the whole promotion and enjoyed it very much!

Tea Tree Oil | 2018

I worked on a project promoting the Tea Tree Oil business in Zimbabwe. Most of the video footage was shot by Peter McKinnon with his short film The Bowl. I wanted to help increase work opportunity in Zimbabwe due to the dire situation there and because I used to live there as a young teenager.


I have been working with the Hit&Mist team for a while now and have had the pleasure of helping them with some promotional material. We created a fun and exciting video for their new product. A water game where two or more people throw bean bags at a paddle connected to a spray and when hit, sprays the opponent. Visit

Worldview Academy Camps | 2016

Returning to Worldview Academy has been a pleasure where I was able to film their summer camps for the west team. Working with an unbelievable staff was amazing and to see the work pay off was just icing on the cake. This has also been a very meaningful experience in my life where I have learned much from my fellow staffers and faculty. Worldview Academy has truly changed my life, again! I had five days to create a video that would reflect the organization and show the student's family how they had the best week of their life. Doing this for seven weeks while traveling all over the west was incredible! Answering the Lord's call this year was harder than I have ever had to do, but has also been the most rewarding!  
       Visit Worldview Academy.

Worldview Academy Camps | 2015

Worldview Academy gave me the rare privilege of filming their summer camps for the north team. It gave me joy to see the students laugh and joke when they saw themselves on screen. This has also been a very meaningful experience in my life and has shown me so many new things. Worldview Academy has truly changed my life. This opportunity has taught me to work well under pressure, in this case, four days to create a video that would reflect the organization. It revealed to me new ways of telling a story and presenting dynamic images such as a drone shot, that not only looks pleasing, but conveys the desired message.

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