Sep 2018

Track Your Camera to a Subject's Movement // After Effects


I was inspired by a shot from the movie UPGRADE and wanted to replicate the effect. At the end of the movie (and some shots in other parts of the film), The camera seemed to move with every movement of the head of the character. This promoted the idea of something off or strange.

Sep 2018

Edit Faster in Premiere Pro


Learn how to speed up your workflow and be more productive in Premiere Pro!

Sep 2018

3D Earth Scene


I built a 3D earth with real lights, textures, space, and movement. It took 2hours of work and 1hour to render a 10second clip. I am very happy with the result though. This was entirely created in After Effects except for the lens flare which was video copilot's optical flares.  


This workflow was made possible by Videocopilot's Orb plugin.

Sep 2018

Blur-out a Face + Track Masks


Blurring out a face will come in handy if you do not want to receive a legal issue. 

Sep 2018

Create and Track Audio Spectrum


This effect and tutorial was a tough one. It took a few attempts to get right but trial and error teach you more than just getting it right the first time!

Sep 2018

Editing Product Shots


Product shots are very important for clients and to have a good looking product with some creative reveal can go a long way.

Sep 2018

Compositing VFX in a scene


One day I just had an idea and decided to put it to work. I wanted to figure out how move two ends of a line independent of each other and also thought about motion capture. This is what I came up with.

May 2018

Compositing from scratch


Working for a client to deliver an intro for their channel! It was a pleasure to work with them and look forward to collaborating in the future!

Aug 2017

Composite a helicopter into your videos using Adobe After Effects!


I will show you what mistakes I made and how you can use different techniques to combine real elements with fake ones. There are many useful tips scattered through the entire video on how to use a track matte, do a 3D track, compose dust into your shot, and save time in general. Enjoy the tutorial!

Aug 2017

Learn how to make a cool transition in After Effects!


Transition from inside through a doorway and into a new scene! Some of the main effects you will learn are; how to rotoscope, keyframe a mask, how to use masks, blending and compositing different shots!

Jul 2017

How to make advanced Call-out Titles in After Effects!


Track your title seamlessly into your shot! I am also giving you guys a preset so you can save time and it is so simple and easy to use! The tutorial starts at 5:40 You will learn how to use the pick whip tool, parent effects, use expressions, and much more! You can use this for lower thirds for your videos or highlight something in your shots. One of the coolest things you will learn is tracking the call-out title into your video and have the title follow your subject!

Aug 2017

Learn how to track your footage with 3D camera tracker in After Effects!


This tutorial will show you how to track text into your shots. This is also a useful resource if you want to learn After Effects. This tutorial was sparked by my detailed review on the STM 50mm F/1.8 which is very informative and a useful tutorial on how you can improve your videos and photography.